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BY UP TO 30%

We work on the entire territory of the Russian Federation with any legal entities whose power receiving facilities are more than 670 kW.

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Эффективное потребление

Optimize costs up to 14%
by saving energy

Development and implementation of aenergy service at the expense of Transneftienergo (The catalog contains more than 80 proven technical solutions, including design and estimate documentation and methods for assessing the economic effect) (more);

Possibility to participate in price-dependent reduction of consumption – (we will act as an aggregator of demand management) (read more);

Implementation of energy management at the enterprise according to international standards ISO 50001 " Energy management systems (more);


134 audits
in the field of energy, it is held at the enterprises of customers annually
167 million rub.
earned customers for the 2020-2021 for the services of an aggregator of demand management
77 million rub.
saved by customers from implementing an energy management system

Manage your electricity costs with an efficient supplier

We will supply electricity cheaper than many suppliers due to systematic work in four areas:

1. High-quality selection of the supplier (purchase from the wholesale market or conclusion of contracts with retail generation);

2. Optimal consumption planning for the day ahead;

3. Timely analysis and selection of price categories;

4. Forecast hours of maximum GP (to control the price of power).

Выгодная цена
Потребление без пеней и штрафов

Minimize penalties and return of overpayment with a team of energosystem of Transnational

We monitor changes in legislation on a weekly basis and monitor the main risk parameters through:

- Verification of the supplier (audit of the terms of the power supply contract, charges and settlements under the contract) - more

- Control of the timing of verification of the measuring complex of electricity to eliminate penalties for unaccounted consumption (learn more about IS TNE)

- We are securing a team of energy lawyers of
Transneftienergo for quarterly comprehensive support at the conclusion of an energy supply contract (read more)
700 million rub.
the total amount of money returned to customers after identifying errors in the calculations of electricity suppliers
2.5 billion rub.
total amount of withdrawn claims in terms of unaccounted customer consumption
12 lawyers
in the state of Transneftenergo, specializing exclusively in energy law

Reduce the amount of lost profits due to the shutdown of technical processes

  • minimizing the number of power equipment failures and accidents; read more
  • power quality management; read more
  • registration of acts of emergency technological armor. more detailed

Без упущенной выгоды
109 inspectors
Transneftenergo's energy inspections are located in 26 regions of Russia
30 cases
to improve the quality of electricity for customers is implemented annually
reducing the number of equipment failures for customers in 2021 from 2019
Без лишних издержек

Outsourcing of energy saving management processes

in more than 70% of companies, the cost of maintaining their own energy sales structure exceeds or is comparable to the effect of its operation.


The energy sales activities of llc "transneftienergo" comply with the international quality standards iso 9001: 2015


Transneftenergo - leader process automation control energy consumption

Digital power supply conveyor: from counter to invoice in 1 click.
Comparison of energy costs for the production/ maintenance of a unit of the same type of product at several production points in order to optimize processes based on best practices
IAS energy manager
system for managing energy-saving measures and energy costs of your company. based on ias analytics, the process of correct budgeting of energy costs for subsequent periods is simplified.
is an automated system of departmental energy supervision (a universal system for conducting standard inspections based on 58 checklists of Transneftienergo experts).
Up-to-date selection of useful materials for the electricity market